I first learnt of this kind of blog posts years back from Jane and since then every year, after gentle nudge from her post, I would suddenly remember, that it was that time of year, to sit back and look at how this bloggish year went. It goes without saying that since I am irredeemably in love with reading, the blogs should be all about books; but as I look back, there are some interesting surprises! Therefore I present without further ado, the first lines from the first blog posts of this past 12 months….

January – Its A New Day

Well, December is gone and January is here and before we know another December will be here…I am trying to cheer myself that If January is here, can December be far?!

February – Money and Marriage in Cumbria

I am devoted and I mean DEVOTED to Anthony Trollope.

March –  The Pickwick Paper Read Along

Many moons ago, some of the greatest Victorian authors, like the worthy Mr. Charles Dickens, Mr. Wilkie Collins, Mrs. Margaret Oliphant and Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell, wrote some of their best works not in a single bound novel, but as serialized installments in various magazines.

April – Holiday Hangover, April Reading and Therapy

Hello! Hello! I am back! And while I am overjoyed to be back in the world of cyberspace and virtual interactions, I must say, I soooooo do not look forward to the Monday! But that is a bridge that I will cross and dream of August again!

May – May-ish Reads

Ah! May…..the fire breathing months on Indian plains, where the sun burns and earth scorches and you wonder if hell is like this! Joy!

June – About Summers & Reading 

I am seeing many posts around the internet, celebrating Summer! Reading and Summer seems a most conducive combination; reminds of my summer vacation from schools, with 2 and a half month of bliss, reading and eating!

July – An Act

I was planning to share my July reading plans but decided to share this instead…

August – The Home & The World Read Along – Indian History Part 1

As many of you are aware, I am hosting The Home and The World Read Along for the Month of August, both to celebrate Indian Independence which happens to fall on 15th Aug but also to mark the centenary anniversary of this masterpieces publication

September – Come September

Yay!! September arriveth and summer goeth! If that is not a reason for me to celebrate I do not know what is!

October – October and Reading 

October is HERE! Yes…October is REALLY HERE!! So what if it feels like I am inside a boiler and there are no winds with a hint of chill and no delicious smell of wood fire smoke signaling the onset of Winter, but October the calendar assures me is here!

November – This & That

Its been an absolutely couple of miserable weeks. 

December – The Most Glorious Month

Yay! December is here….the season to rejoice! Off with the old, and on with the new month!

Its been an interesting year, with reading, writing, traveling and sobering experiences. It’s been an enriching and informative year….it’s been a good year!

10 thoughts on “The Year in Posts and Books…

  1. I’m so pleased you decided to do this too, and I love the ways your openings really do track the months. I’m sorry that I haven’t read Tagore yet – you’re read-along came at a bad time for me – but he is definitely on my list for next year and I’m sure I’ll look back to your background material then.

    1. cirtnecce says:

      Thank You Jane…you always do inspire me so much!! Please ..no apologies on the Read Along…We should read what we want and when we want!!

      1. ian darling says:

        I’m glad it has been a good reading year for you. I read a Penguin India anthology of Tagore’s short stories and your survey of Indian history helped me feel more at home with him.

      2. cirtnecce says:

        Ian…thank you! your comment made my day!! I am so glad my attempted History summary helped! Hope you enjoyed the story collection!

  2. Oh fun! I’m so glad that you introduced me to Tagore and that we became friends! I want to follow your example and start doing monthly post for 2017, but we’ll see. I’m already overcommitted for the beginning of 2017. Help …..!

    1. cirtnecce says:

      Yeah Cleo!! You and I …we decide on doing no plans and then before we know we both have committed to a dozen reading plans and such like! We need HELP!

  3. Stefanie says:

    Well that was a trip down memory lane! Your January line made me laugh 🙂

    1. cirtnecce says:

      Hhahahhhaaa…I know Stefanie!! I was giggling myself when I was looking back at the old posts!

  4. Bellezza says:

    What an intriguing synopsis of your year! Catching memories is such a lovely thing to do this time of year.

    1. cirtnecce says:

      Thank You!! I agree…and It gives one hope that after a January there shall always be a December!! 😀

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