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A Spining Book and a Swinging Song…..

Monday 5It’s been an awfully long Monday and there were times when I thought that the hour will just not pass! Naturally I am completely exhausted (It’s a Monday…I mean you live 20 times your average stressed day on Monday, on account of it being what it is – a Monday!! Ok!! I know that I need to REST!!) I will make this post short and hopefully sweet.

The Classic Club has finally spun for the last time for 2014 and come up with of all the numbers – 13. My 13 was My Antonia by Willa Cather. I am both overjoyed and apprehensive – I have been planning to read Willa Cather for some time and never really got around to doing it. This Spin seems to once again motivate me into reading something; I was not quite sure off. Besides, coming off from my recent experience with Elizabeth Gaskell “Mary Barton – I am quite hopeful about this being a good read, despite the very dreary blurb!! (I must dedicate one whole post on book blurbs…they are increasing becoming critical in how I may not judge a book! But that’s a story for another day!) My apprehension is the geography – Russian Siberia and American Frontier has always been a geographical bug bearer for me. I have no idea where I picked up such a ludicrous idea, but I do have it now and am kinda stuck with it. All things going well, Ms. Cather should be able to change my mind about the American Frontier at the very least!

Anyhow I will sign off here and because I promised something sweet, I want to share with you all a song my grandmother used to play to chase away my Monday blues (especially when I would be joining school on Monday after a lengthy and absolutely pampering vacation at Grandma’s place!!) Hope you all enjoy – Monday is almost over! Cheers!


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  1. I love Willa Cather. She writes so and so engagingly, and of course you have the option of reading along with others in Ali’s Willa Cather reading week next month.

    November 11, 2014
    • Wow…thanks Jane…the read along is a great idea and I will tag along with Ali…also now that you say she is good, I am far more confident!!!

      November 11, 2014
  2. Well, here we go ……….. you’ve read my spin book and I’ve read yours! Willa Cather is wonderful. In My Antonia she definitely takes you to another place ….. one that I didn’t recognize but soon fell in love with. I think/hope that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Cliff Richard! Wow! I had to search to see if he was still alive. I particularly loved all the hip movement in the video. You wouldn’t even have had to hear the song to date it. 😉

    Well now that you’ve cheered me up today, I’m off to have lunch and then read. Have a great day!

    November 11, 2014
    • Cleo….glad to be of service! I am telling you we both have a karma thing going on here! Your question did make me wonder…. is Mr. Richards actually still alive?

      November 11, 2014
      • Yes, he is. Don’t worry. 😉 He doesn’t look quite as good as in the video, though ……

        November 11, 2014
  3. Cather is really wonderful, you are in for a treat!

    November 13, 2014
    • Thanks… all of my bookish gurus including you have given me faith and I am sure I will enjoy it as much as all of you!

      November 13, 2014

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