The Glorious Morn and I

Now there is something absolutely marvellous about getting up in the morning, while the dawn is still breakig (Yuck! I hate that term, Thank You Stephanie Meyer!) and looking out of to the open valley from an 8th floor apartment (that’s where I stay! While it sounds picturesque…’s on the outskirts of the suburb of the city…yes outskirts of the suburbs and the only reason I stay here besides its wilderness is because the rents are relatively low. If I could have it my way I would live in the heart of the city, with all its concerts, public transports and home delivery!)Anyhow, as the rays of the sun, move through the morning mist and your hands are warming around a tea mug and you are absolutely fresh and ready to tackle the most difficult piece of your plot and all is right with the world………

Well not quite!

You see while I love the feeling of early morning with the dews still fresh on the grass and sitting under the mild sun to type out the most magnificent piece of writing for the mankind, I am also very groggy!! You see like every weird topsy turvy preferences and choices of my life, I love staying up late. In fact, I thrive in the night time; my mind is alert and active spinning brilliant ideas. I strongly believe that since everyone else is usually asleep in the ungodly hour (why is it called the ungodly hour? I mean God is kinda omnipresent, both chronologically and geographically…must mull over this more!); anyhow since everyone is asleep in that time, it seems to me that all their brilliant thoughts come rushing to my receptive mind. I think, plan and execute the best within the timeframes of 23:00 hrs to about 4:00 hrs. But after that, my mind goes kaput!

Yes. I love tea...
Yes. I love tea... (Photo credit: Alexandre Dulaunoy)

Now here’s the dilemma, every day, I hit the sack diligently at about 22:00 hrs, convincing myself, that tomorrow I will get up bright and early and start closing on my chapters. After about an hour and half of tossing and turning, I get up and meander around the apartment. Then I start reading; at about 03:00 hrs, I am all fresh and perky and I open my laptop to write. After an hour of laborious word play, I start to get drowsy, but me is determined; Me will write through the early dawn! So I make myself a cup of hot and strong tea. By the time, the tea is brewed, the newspaper has arrived and there is something alluring about a fresh, unread newspaper (Yes! I am aware that I ought to be institutionalized; but you do not room with my flatmate who will take the entertainment section and read it cover to cover, after which the freshness of news will be gone!) So I read the newspaper, cover to cover, including backbeat and sports. By then the sun is slowly warming my balcony, so I step outside to enjoy nature in all her true beauty and hence the graphic picture of the valley that my apartment looks out to. My mind is energised and I know that I can make the story happen today. After communing with the nature, which I love, especially at this hour, I again sit in front of my laptop. Then, disaster strikes, my eyelids droop and droop and within 10 mins I am in  my bed snoring away, with a sleepy promise that tomorrow I will take up the pen  or rather er… take up my fingers on the laptop keys , if there is such a term, in the glorious morn!

My mother thinks my bizarre fascination for “night life” (yes! That’s what she call it and it has nothing to do with glamorous parties and all night raves) is because I spent so much of my early adolescent years staying up late studying. I would like to remind her, (if only I was not convinced that breathing a word in this direction, would spark of World War III) that during my adolescent years, I had no interest in studies (though how I became a nerd in high school is yet another thrilling nail biting adventure) and she was the one who forced me to stay up for revising my school work. Of course, by the time I hit college and grad school, I was far gone; studying till late in the night and then getting stressed and partying through the night and then getting guilty and studying through the night….I think you get the picture!

Whatever be the cause, the fact remains, I love early mornings! I love all the rituals attached to that time of the day – the first cup of tea, the fresh newspaper, and the yummy and sumptuous breakfast! Unfortunately, unlike others I do not carry forward the morning and turn it into a great day; I store my energy and hit the sack and then wake up like an owl, who can pen words through the dark hours!!!  Go figure!

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